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PHOTOSHOPPED: School Touches Up Girls' Yearbook Photos

Some students in Utah's Wasatch High School were upset to discover their yearbook pictures had been altered without their knowledge, Fox 13 News reported .

Administrators at a Utah high school say they did nothing wrong by photoshopping some female students' yearbook photos and say the students were made aware that their photos would be touched up if the school felt they showed too much skin.

But several female students disagree with what the school considers to be too much skin. Some students excitedly opened their yearbooks to find that their bare arms, plunging necklines and tattoos had been erased. They also argue that the school was inconsistent in what they deemed inappropriate -- touching up some photos and not others. The school's superintendent says, "It is understandable that students in violation of the dress code could forget that they received warnings about inappropriate dress. However, in the application of these corrections, the high school yearbook staff did make some errors. The school apologizes for that inconsistency." (People)  See the rest of the photos here.


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